Chenczke&Janas Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) is a vegetables producer group supplying the market with greenhouse tomatoes and napa cabbage of the highest quality. The group was established in 2009 forming a union of five highly specialized market gardens, which belong to the Janas’s and the Chenczke’s

Being aware of the fact that the horizontal integration of farmers taking the form of producer groups is one of the most effective and successful methods for strengthening the market position of groups like ours we decided to establish cooperation, which has been of benefit to us as well as has enhanced our possibilities to develop.

Giving our group the name “Chenczke&Janas” we wanted to keep the identification of our products which had been known on the market previously, moreover, we aimed at building market share of our family company in this line of business as well as making good use of the good image and reputation of the commodities sold previously under two different brands “Chenczke” and “Janas”

We were successful at creating one of the most modern sorting plants in Poland, which makes it possible for us to prepare our commodities according to the most demanding customers’ expectations. Thanks to the above mentioned plant we are able to keep the highest quality standards as well as keep optimal conditions of storing such delicate products as vegetables.
Chenczke & Janas sp. z o.o.
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